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Injection Moulding Since 1958

Uniplas was formed in 2006 when Lamnei Plastics 1990 Ltd and All Plastics Limited merged. Lamnei was established in 1958 and All Plastics in 1973 the merger of the two companies bringing together a formidable amount of experience in product development and specialist injection moulding for enterprises throughout New Zealand and Overseas.

Uniplas is based in the Wellington region of New Zealand in modern manufacturing premises situated in the Lower Hutt valley. We operate 22 injection moulding machines, ranging in capacity from 15 to 750 tonnes clamp giving a capability of producing parts from under 1 gram to over 4 kgs in a wide variety of materials. Uniplas also operates a comprehensively equipped toolroom for mould build and prototype development

  •         Mould Design and Toolmaking
  •         Post mould Assembly and Packaging
  •         Encapsulation and Insert Moulding
  •         Multi-component Injection
  •         Ultrasonic Welding
  •         Printing, Embossing and Labelling
  •         ISO 9001:2008 certification
  •         UL Recognised Moulder

Uniplas has endeavoured to provide correct and up to date information on this site. Due to moulding processes products may vary from the drawings slightly. Please contact us if you would like any of the information confirmed.
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